" You can download free version of almost every item from Library and use it as you wish.Although if you want further customization, features or support me , pick up the premium version "

Computer science education cannot make anybody an expert programmer any more than studying brushes and pigment can make somebody an expert painter. - Eric S. Raymond

glyf Web Building

 Web Development can be complex for both clients and developers. Communication in details is the key to the construction and flexibility secures the living of a project. Success is the point of a function where parameters of flexibility, organisation , prevention , speed and design have the maximum possible value. Tell me your needs and your targets and I will give to them digital life!

web building
glyf Front end beauty

 You already have a web site which you want to improve? You are at the right place. I can convert your old page to a modern looking web site. While keeping it practical, user experience can be improved with a better manipulation of space, design and colors , adding some animations and other details which can impress your users and make them feel very comfortable with your online presence.

glyf Solving Problems

 Script errors can cause multiple and unpredictable problems. They can discourage your page from working normally.Slow or unlimited loading time , not showing elements as expected , unauthorized access to links , bandwidth running out , hacking , rendering code as text , cross - broswer problems and faulty functionality to your visitors. I can take a deep look and make your site to work correctly again

problem solved